Sopro Motorcycle Suspension Products and Service

We specialize in suspension tuning and servicing for Showa, Kayaba and WP for off road racing applications and the distribution of products and specialty tools for dirt and street bikes.


"We love to ride, and we know what its like to ride a bike that is beating you to death, or when we make them work great! The difference is "im leaving this piece of $#% in the woods and walking home, or a day of pure riding bliss, followed by hrs of bench racing with your best buds that evening at your favorite hangout. I have had this experience and i want you to to have it, and that my friend is why it is our ultimate goal to make your ride the best it can be!"

Keep that suspension feeling fresh and plush!
  Call in for custom tuning and servicing today we
are Certified! 

  • We use the latest in diagnostic technology to get you in the winner's circle safely and quickly.
  • We are independently owned and operated
  • with 20yrs of hard earned experience as a rider and tuner. We have a "in house" machine shop with a full time machinist that allows us to tackle and resolve even the toughest suspension dilemmas. 
  • We have hundreds of satisfied customers
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